How to check who used your Aadhaar Number For Authentication

Aadhar Authentication history

Have you ever thought or even felt suspicious that someone is misused your Aadhaar ? Many people in our daily routine use this Aadhaar card as Identity proof for purchasing SIM card or obtaining passport and also Driving licence. Even most the Govt and non-govt transactions Aadhaar has become solid identification card.

Every since the usage of Aadhaar card has increased there is a risk of misusing too. but there are many safetly features which you can control the usage of Aaadhar card. One way is to Lock your Aadhar with password so that no one can use for authentication until you unlock it.

Inorder to know when and wher you have used your Aadhaar for certain period , there is a facility to check at website. Below are simple steps you can follow to know your Aadhar authentication usage:

Step 1: Go to Aadhaar website at

Step 2: Under My Aadhar menu select “Aadhaar Authentication Histroy” as shown below

Step: 3 Enter you Aadhaar Number and Security code as displayed over there amd Click on Send OTP

Step 4: You receive OTP to your registered mobile number

Step 5: You need to select Authentication Type as OTP and date range in From and To fields and Number of transactions ( Maximum allowed is 50) and alos enter OTP which your received at mobile number

Step 6: Once your enter OTP then click and Verify OTP button. Thats it you will see list of cases where you used it and for whome along with date and time.

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