Tata Dividend Yield Fund subscription is ending on May 17th

Equity Scheme - Dividend Yield Fund

Indian based Asset Management Company Tata Mutual fund has launched a new scheme under dividend category on 3rd May 2021 with a objective of capital appreciation as well as dividend distributiion. Tata Dividend Yield fund is an open ended equity scheme that aims for growth by primarily investing in equity and equity related instruments of dividend yielding companies with a diversified portfolio.

Tata Dividend Fund falls under equity category and minimum subscription amount was set as 5000 rupees. There is no entry load however has exit load if investment is redeemed within one year from the date of investment. This exit lead applies for all STP/SWP/Redemption amount is morethan 12% of invested amount.

Last date for subscription for this scheme is May 17th 2021 and units will be allotted after that. Since this scheme is open ended , the same will be re-opened for subscription on May 27th 2021. Investor must read Scheme related documents carefully as this is under High risk category.

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